step 1
Upload GIS Data
Data Hosted: Upload your data on GIS Cloud, then you could use and share at anytime from anywhere. It's so easy.
step 2
Publish REST Service
REST Service: You could publish your uploaded data into Restful web service and access anywhere. More efficient.
step 3
Online Mapping + Development
Online Mapping and Development: You could mapping based on your REST service and program with web APIs online. It's so simple.
step 4
Hosted Server
Hosted Server: It's your Private GIS Server, and out of the box. Short of money or GIS hardware? No headaches any more.
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iCollector v2.2

A mobile applications for data collection. With which,you could sign on to SuperMap Online or SuperMap iPortal anytime, anywhere on your phone or tablet, to collect, manage, analyze and share geographic information resources.

iExplorer v2.0

A mobile applications to browse, discover and share online maps. With which,you could use the plenty maps on SuperMap Online and SuperMap iPortal.

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