A totally new web app for editing map styles. With this app,

you can edit the style of sample maps or your own map

services to create your personalized map.

And you also can use the output result as a basemap in other

built-in web apps, such as DataViz, DataInsights, or your own

developed apps.

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Our Features
  • Built-in sample maps
  • Support your map services
  • Share cross web apps
  • With ready-to-use sample maps to unleash your talent
  • Upload and publish your data as map services to style your own map
  • Can be used as basemaps for other built-in web apps or your own developed apps
How to create a unique map
  • Open a built-in map or service

    Enter MapStyler web app, then select a built-in map or a hosted map service.
  • Edit the map style

    Clike the elements on the map, selet the layer you want to change to edit it.
  • Save your map

    Save your result in cloud, use at anytime or download the config to local.
Different styles
  • Simple white
  • Burgundy red
  • Dark blue
  • Fresh green
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