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Based on Public Cloud technology, SuperMap Online GIS Hosted Server is a simple, efficient and flexible GIS cloud service, which helps developers to quickly build GIS server, reduce project cost, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, and make developers focus more on their core business.
SuperMap Online is committed to providing a new "rent on behalf of building, on-demand use" model for enterprise and application developers.
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  • Maximize service reliability, based on mature cloud platforms like Alibaba Cloud, JCloud etc..
  • More convenient data recovery, with automatic downtime migration, automatic backup
  • Free DDoS protection, Trojan killing, anti-violence and other services crack
  • VPC virtual private network, to meet the security needs
  • Data disk permanent backup, no need to worry cloud host expiration data is destroyed
  • Packaged to buy GIS data, fast access to a wealth of maps and application data
  • You could customize GIS data and purchase on demand
  • Freely configure the CPU, memory, bandwidth and GIS server software version, flexible choice of lease (refined to a week)
  • Expansion or upgrade at any time, in case of peak period of access
Easy to use
  • Order to get GIS cloud host, no need to manually deploy hardware and software, click to start access and use GIS server
  • Visualization real-time monitoring of GIS services, to help more convenient operation and maintenance
Based on SuperMap Online's data hosting service, it provides online self-help mapping for the public, editable feature color, add point mark and text, store and export the required map of China.
An online 3D demonstration system based on SuperMap Online GIS cloud host. It provides comprehensive information inquiry and promotion, mobile location service, 3D online virtual tour, personalized electronic tour guide and other services.
The project uses the sensor network, and based on the SuperMap Online GIS cloud host building SaaS application system, for a more segmented water industry sales.
Based on the SuperMap Online GIS cloud host, the project hosts scientific research data and application systems, and provides stable and high-performance online data services.
The Natural Guardian organizes SaaS applications based on the SuperMap Online GIS cloud host for inquiries and demonstrations of China's uninfected (IFL) virgin forest, vegetation, animal and population.
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